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A company’s website has the ability to succeed or fail. A website that is appealing and simple to use will draw in more visitors and increase sales. A company will lose sales to competitors if their website loads slowly or appears dated, and their brand reputation may also be permanently harmed.

Web development explained

The process of creating a website, app, or piece of software is called web development. It entails identifying the client’s requirements, designing a user-friendly interface, and adding functionality for the user, whether they’re looking for information, placing an order, or making an appointment.

What Exactly Is A Web Developer?

A variety of programming languages are used by developers to create websites that satisfy the requirements of their clients. Some people choose their projects based on their specialisation in one or two languages. Several programmers specialising in various facets of web development may need to collaborate depending on the project’s scope.

What Are the Main Languages Used for Web Development?

You must be proficient in several languages if you want to advance from junior developer to senior software engineer. There are many ways to use coding languages; some are preferred in particular industries or are only used for frontend or backend development. Each of them has advantages and disadvantages.

Beginning with a frontend language like HTML, CSS, or JavaScript is a common practise for new developers.

A front-end language, HTML instructs the browser where to place text, headings, and links on the page. Since HTML is still one of the most widely used programming languages, most programmers will begin by learning it first.

In addition to HTML, CSS is another frontend language used. CSS gives programmers the ability to alter the font style, image size, and placement of content.

Interactivity on websites is achieved using JavaScript. With its ability to be used for both front-end and back-end coding, it is also one of the more adaptable languages.

But it’s not just the frontend that matters. You must learn at least one backend language if you want to become a full stack developer.

In addition to being widely used, PHP is also simple for new developers to learn. It’s a favourite for modifying Wix and WordPress websites.

Another popular backend language is Java. Java-built websites are comparatively simple to maintain, and the language is used on even very large websites with a lot of data.

Usual Web Development Terminology

You’ll soon be introduced to the world of software bugs, core libraries, and APIs if you’re serious about learning to code. We’ll ease you in by introducing you to five of the most frequently used words among web developers.

A bug is a mistake that prevents a website or app from working properly. Long load times, broken links, and browser compatibility issues are a few common bugs.

Deployment is the process of making a website live for the first time or releasing an updated version.

Libraries are collections of pre-written routines or code that are frequently used with a particular programme. Developers are welcome to share and freely use these snippets of code.

Information architecture is a method of setting up a website’s content so that the end user can understand it.

A set of tools that enables two programmes to communicate is known as an application programming interface (API).

A software programme like Wix, Squarespace, or WordPress that is used to create websites is known as a content management system (CMS). While some of these platforms are “out-of-the-box” solutions for small businesses and don’t require any programming knowledge, others do.

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